The pictures have been shot at Clayland Ranch. A 90 acres of meadows where the stallions gallop freely and the bulls graze undisturbed.
We’re not talking about Texas, we’re in Italy, in the middle of Monferrato, a well known spot for it’s delicious wines.

The Ranch is run by a friendly couple with a huge passion and a lot of scars. In 1998 was born the “Italian Rodeo Cowboy Association”, with the aim of promoting the sport of rodeo in Italy. We’re talking about a dozen of guys whose great passion for the rodeo world is keeping this sport alive in Italy.

The pictures have been shot during a stage of the Italian Rodeo Championship.

Some of them drive for hundreds kilometres just for a eight seconds ride with the risk of getting seriously injured, but they don’t care at all, because the emotion you feel when you’re riding these animals is like a drug.

You just get addicted.


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