Kawasaki made ​​in Italy.

Everything has to be made from zero. “You cannot find this kind of pieces, you have to build them on your own” says Flavio Frighi.

In the 70’s he worked just doing  fiberglass fairings and tanks, while working at a Kawasaki dealer.

When he moved in these warehouses it was desolated here. There was no electricity or water. His father has never let him run, unlike the way he did with his son. He told him: If you want to race, that’s fine, but let’s try with these bikes, the old ones.  “I only had a kawasaki race of the ’70s left, and at that point we began to build what was missing.

He rebuilt all the two-stroke models from ’66 to 82. He used to borrow the bikes and rebuild piece by piece with his own hands. Stuff from the past.  “I’d like to keep one of each type… because you feel really bad if you cannot have that specific model”.

I only miss one, which is pretty hard to find over here: a two-stroke two-cylinder 250 which ran only in Japan.

I know there are some of them out there… I should go and get it as soon”.


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