April 2020 – Quarantine

Leo is nine years old, he has lived with his skate since he was four.

From March 8th 2020, as all of the italian children and adolescents, he is locked up at home.

Leo is dealing with this experience with patience and assertiveness, but after some weeks the psychological and physical distress of this confinement is becoming evident.

He recognises the privilege of having at least a tiny backyard where he can let off steam sometimes, but nothing can compensate the absence of friends, trainings and sunshine on his skin.

Quarantine is harmful for a healthy and balanced development in children. They don’t grow up in captivity, they grow up by moving.
They don’t grow up on their own, they grow up by socialising. They don’t grow up by being locked up, they grow up in the sunshine.

After more than six weeks of quarantine in Italy, still no efficient proposal has been made for the preservation of children and adolescent’s physical, psychological and emotional health.

Danilo Dolci claimed: “You only grow if you are dreamt of”.

You only grow if you are thought of. Who is thinking about them? The time has come for us to put our head on it and above all: our heart!

In this video: Leo Beltrame AKA @proiettileo_sk8
In collaboration with @alli.beltrame – educazionesponsabile.com

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