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Here you must want to ride a bike, you have to accept to do so with limited performance vehicles compared to the current ones.
We must roll up our sleeves to solve technical problems with a bike that does not even exist today, have the skills and technical knowledge in order to operate a device invented and built in the last century.

You spend the entire winter cuddling your bikes in their secret lair, where wives do not enter and only friends have access to. The vernissage for the Trophy Group 5 trial period, takes place from seventeen years at the Two Days of Caglio, a race invented twenty years ago by the Moto Club Canzo, Italy.

Since then the event has grown in the interest of all fans and has also received international acclaim, with the participation of a lot of European riders. For the 2012 edition, the leaders of the Moto Club Canzo had to fight tenaciously to face and solve the usual absurd authorization procedures.

Fortunately, “the bikes that smell” – because only the historical ones have the scented brand of famous Castrol R, also this year have had the opportunity to spend two days immersed in the woods on the hills above Caglio.

On the path, the participants are diluted to the point that at times seemed almost to run alone or at least surrounded by a small group of friends with whom to share the joy of riding.

No matter what point of the ranking you can make; the pleasure of doing for two days what is expected to redo from the year before is enough.

Giulio Mauri  (one that was there)

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